Spaying a bitch decreases the risk of unwanted pregnancy, provides numerous health benefits and increases your pet’s life span.

If you have a female dog, but you are not a breeder, there’s really no reason against spaying her. If you fail to do it, all dogs (regardless of the breed), will reproduce uncontrollably. Besides, it’s very difficult to keep track of her heat period in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Anyway, even the most responsible of owners, who do everything they can to prevent their unspayed dog’s pregnancy unless planned, can face a dilemma regarding unwanted or unexpected reproduction.

Some owners fail to spay their pedigree dogs because they know they will breed them at some point in the future, or it so happens that a dog reached its sexual maturity too early, at a time when spaying wasn’t planned yet.

Even if your plan is to breed the female with a male of the same breed, it can easily happen that another dog “beats him to it“, if you don’t take all the necessary precautions. Of course, there’s always a chance of buying or adopting a female you’ve been told was spayed, when it fact it wasn’t the case.

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Whatever the chain of events leading up to the unwanted or unexpected pregnancy may be, it’s up to you to decide which steps should be taken next.

You could let your dog have puppies, which is the easy way. But, is it really? What you should worry about afterwards is looking after the puppies until they are ready to go to their new home, as well as finding a new home for each puppy.

Another option is spaying during pregnancy, if you don’t plan on breeding her in the future. The procedure involves eliminating the ovaries and the uterus. After it’s been done in the early stage of the pregnancy, the formative cells that would become fetuses and, eventually, puppies, are eliminated, too.

One of the most extreme options a dog owner could choose is abortion. This is performed in case the pregnancy has to end, but the owner wants to breed the dog in the future. Abortion is done in two ways, by surgical intervention or by giving abortion medications.

This method of ending the pregnancy is very complicated and stressful for the dog, meaning it will probably need to stay and recover up to a week once the procedure is done. Abortion should be considered only if the pregnancy has “gone too far“ to be stopped in any other way.

Dealing with unwanted pregnancy can be problematic for both the bitch and the owner, and there are no easy answers. However, the problem is completely eliminated if the dog has already been spayed. In order to be safe, and not sorry, have your dog spayed as early as possible, so you can avoid problems associated with unwanted pregnancy.

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