Who doesn’t like playing with dogs? It’s relaxing, creative, and stimulates only positive thoughts. The same goes for both dogs and their owners. Playing is the most effective way to relax and enjoy. Dogs are social beings, and it’s up to the owner to be creative and come up with interesting and creative games. Here are some suggestions!

Dogs are always motivated by hiding games. It will take a while until the dog “learns the ropes“ of the game. It’s essential that the dog knows the command “stay“. Tell the dog to stay and there won’t be any problems. When it finds you, reward the dog with a treat.

A dog must have some previous knowledge for a game of object finding. Place the objects somewhere around the dog and teach it how to point to the object with its nose or paw.

The ball is a dog’s favourite toy, which offers a lot of possibilities, like fetching or catching. Passing the balloon is also a fun game, and the most important thing is for the dog to realize that the goal is to keep the balloon in the air. You will pop a lot of balloons before the dog perfects this game.

Another game on our list is burying. This game requires caution and training the dogs so they know they can only dig at one spot, so that you don’t come home to a yard full of holes. Choose a spot in the yard and teach the dog how to bury an item. The command „bury“ is easy to learn.

Even at times when you feel tired or indifferent, don’t miss out on playing with your dog. Puppies and adult dogs alike enjoy playing. Don’t let your dog spend its days on its own and thinking of a way to have fun.

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