Those belonging to this very old dog breed, which is also called a “Minnie Mastiff”, originate from China, but the exact period of their birth is unknown. It is believed that the first examples of these dogs were painted on ancient porcelain owned exclusively by the Chinese emperors.

The first Mops dogs were undoubtedly brought to the Netherlands by merchants, while their first appearance in England was in the 15th century. Due to their unique appearance, what has previously been known as Carlin changes its name to Pug, Queen Victoria owned many examples of this breed – Olga, Pedro, Minka, Fatima and Venus, all of which she brought up herself. Her devotion to dogs resulted in foundation of the Mops Society in 1873.

Nowadays they can be found in various television and movie shows such as “Men in Black”, “Pocahontas”… Many celebrities own this breed. Among them are: fashion designer Valentino Garavani, football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, actor Gerard Butler, etc.

It is the only breed in the world with 3 official names: Pug, Carlin and Mops. It is its exterior that what makes this dog so distinguished. A flat face with traces of black color, large round eyes and long, deep wrinkles, engraved on its face- are the traits which make it so special.

Being so confident in itself, a Mops is a dog that will make anyone laugh. Loyal, sensitive, and an audacious guardian, this dog is comfortable in small-sized flats. This dog is lively, friendly oriented and loves children, being limitlessly loyal and emotional. Highly intelligent and quite stubborn this dog requires training from its earliest days. While breathing it lets out a special sound which resembles snoring. They snore quite a lot during sleep.

When it comes to its care, it is not specially demanding. Special attention, however, should be given to the layers on its face, because of possible inflammations which are likely to occur due to the dirt which accumulates there. Random brushing is enough to maintain its short hair. However, during hair loss season it will lose its hair significantly. Special care should be given to their diet as this breed is prone to gaining weight.

Be as it may, should you become an owner of this little fella, you will never be short on amusement in your life.

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