Lagotto romagnolo is a very old breed that appeared for the first time in the 16th century in the valleys of the Italian countryside. Originally used for bringing the feathered game but as the swamp valleys of Romagna, its original birthplace, dried up, Lagotto loses its primary role and quickly spreads all over the country. Thanks to its sharp sense of smell, it began to be used as a truffle seeker dog, because its hunting sense had faded away in time. Tuscany, Lombardy and Romagna the places with the highest percentage of truffles, became its most common locations. It was first acknowledged by the FCI (Federal Cynologique International) in 1995.

This dog is small to medium size, proportionate and strongly built, rustic-looking with thick, curly fur resembling wool. Its fur, slightly rough on the surface, forms solid curly rings even on its cheeks. They usually weigh around 30 lbs, males reaching the maximum height of 17 feet, while females reach not more than 16 feet. They are either equally colored in the same color, or white with brown and orange dots; sometimes they can even be black.

It is very obedient and devoted, loyal to its owner, not demanding and being a quick learner, it is very easy to be trained. It is a perfect guardian and an excellent escort dog. This breed became very widespread because of its mild and lively nature. Its hair does not linger and they do not have that unique dog odor, which makes them ideal for families. They are excellent for children and family life. They get along with other dogs and animals without showing any traits of aggression. They are very fond of going outdoors, especially to the river or lake, because they adore water and are excellent swimmers.

Due to their unique hair they require more care than the rest of the dog breeds. Its hair becomes tangled unless trimmed, so complete trimming is required on annual level. Tangled hair and undercoat should be removed from time to time. They are generally very healthy with no special health problems.

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