The Kuvasz is a Hungarian livestock dog with the life expectancy of up to 12 years and a weight of up to 115 pounds. Females are often shorter and they reach the height of around 28 in, while males can grow up to 30 in. The dog is white in colour and very protective. The name originates from the Turkish word kawwasz, meaning „archer“, so the name indicates its fearlessness and readiness to confront anybody.

This huge working dog is well-built and muscular, with an all-white coat with no patterns. It moves lightly and it’s very stable. Also, everyone is impressed with its appearance. However, even though it looks intimidating, the Kuvasz is a very gentle and loyal dog.

Not only will it guard its owners and children, but other pets, too. It will also be very cautious around strangers. This is why it’s necessary to dedicate a lot of time to proper training and socialization.

Letting the Kuvasz dominate is a mistake, which is why you should establish that you’re in charge right from the start. Being a big and strong dog with a lot of energy, it needs a lot of activities, so give it different tasks to stimulate its high intelligence.

Long walks and runs are a must if you go for this breed. You can keep it in the yard throughout the year, but you should be aware that it doesn’t respond well to heat and humid climate.

In order to always keep the dog’s fur clean and shiny, you should brush it regularly. It’s enough to brush it once a week, but keep in mind that they shed year-round, especially if you live in warmer areas.

This is a generally healthy breed, but, just like other large breeds, the Kuvasz can suffer from hip dysplasia or some other joint problems. Sometimes, there are also some thyroid problems, but overall, they are very healthy dogs.

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