Choosing a functional and beautiful doghouse isn’t always easy, but there are some guidelines to help you choose the right one. When choosing a doghouse, you should pay attention to a couple of things: material, size, durability, ability to clean it, safety. If you want to provide comfort for your pet, go for a wooden doghouse. Wood is a natural material and a very good heat insulator. Metal is more often used for outdoor dog kennels. Although durable, metal is not recommended for dog houses, primarily because of the cold.

The size of the doghouse should be appropriate, meaning: big enough for the dog to stand up, turn around and lie down. Dogs like spending time in spaces that give them a sense of security, but they mustn’t feel cramped. During winter, the dog generates warmth and warms up the space around it, so it’s not good if the doghouse is too big. A doghouse that’s too big can have a higher temperature in the summer, too. Therefore, the doghouse should be a little bigger than the dog. The easiest way to measure it is by measuring the dog from the top of the muzzle to the root of the tail.

Ideally, the doghouse should be elevated from the ground. That enables airflow under the doghouse, which then provides a better control of the temperature inside the doghouse, and it also doesn’t draw moisture from the ground or concrete.

A doghouse should be cleaned regularly. If possible, install a doghouse with a removable roof. For dogs that spend most or all of their time outside, insulated doghouses are a must, as they retain warmth in winter, whereas they prevent warmth intrusion and retention in the summer.

A doghouse shouldn’t have sharp edges, so the dog doesn’t get hurt. To sum up, the perfect doghouse for your pet should be solid, beautiful, durable, and made of natural materials. Don’t forget about proper ventilation, as that is crucial for maintaining the right temperature inside the doghouse, so your dog can feel content and comfortable.

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