There are many stories about dogs helping people in various troublesome situations, including those with epileptic seizures. Nowadays this has been scientifically proven that dogs help people with epilepsy and this is how they do it.

They provide support by preventing injuries during as well as after the seizure. It is fascinating that some dogs can even sense the moment of the upcoming seizure. They whine and circle around their owner as a sign of warning.  Scientists explain this ability by the fact that dogs can use their sense of smell and sight to detect the occurring changes in a body of the person that is about to have a seizure.

There are 65 million people in the world who suffer from epilepsy, which means that one out of 26 people will develop the disease in a lifetime. Lots of children, as well as adults with this problem, avoid everyday activities lest they should have seizures in public.

One of the ways to predict the seizures is to get a service dog. A service dog is trained and taught to react properly during epileptic seizure. There are various ways in which these dogs can be helpful in these kind of situations. Some of them are trained to either bark, whine or circle around the person that is about to have a seizure, in order to warn the very person or their family.

Further on, some dogs will lie next to the person with an epileptic seizure in order to prevent the injury. Also some of the dogs will place themselves between the floor and the person who is falling during the seizure so they can prevent any injuries.

There are also dogs which are trained to activate a sort of an alarm to warn others that the person is about to have an epileptic seizure.

Should you happen to suffer from this disease or know someone with this problem, then getting a service dog would be an ideal solution. Training a dog like this is not cheap, but its value is immense and it can save yours or your dear person’s life.

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