As the world is still battling with COVID 19, we are sure you find yourself using up all the ideas on how to stay entertained and entertain your pets. We want to help and to get you to be creative again and use your time in isolation to make memories with your dogs and share your funny dog pics with us at Pet2Net. Taking pictures of your dogs is probably something you already do daily, they are the best friends and the cutest models, so we want to show them off. Finding ways to get creative with photos is something you maybe haven’t tried yet, so we want to help with the ideas.

Use props

dog with headphones

The first thing that you could do is use some props for taking photos. You could set up specific scenery that you want to recreate or just create. Make a scene from your favorite movie or a tv show or create an imaginary place. Get a tiny hat for your dog, or a bow tie, or a whole costume if you have everything you need at your home. Make your dog the star, and get him to pose for an epic photo. You can use treats or toys to get your dog to look at the camera, or if his role is to sleep, make the scenery around him while he is sleeping. If your dog is not too happy about wearing tiny hats or clothes, you can always add those in the after-effects, but you can still make a cool background and get funny and fun photos.

Show off those tricks

golden retriever gives paw

We talked about teaching your dogs some new tricks here, so why not show those off in a photo. You could make really nice simple photos of your dog giving you his paw, rolling over or anything else he learned how to do. Get some treats, get the favorite toys, even get in the photos yourself, show off that bond you created and all the smart and funny tricks your dog now knows.

Flying ears

Flying ears_dog is running

This one might be a challenging one. Trying to get a good picture while your dog is running and his ears are flying around his head is not an easy task. But if you succeed, you will get an awesome photo, and you will give your dog some exercise. You might need a bit of space for this, you will need to get your dog excited and eager to run towards you, and you need to practice your photography skills. But hey, you are already stuck inside, you might as well try it, right?

Floating dog-dog balloon

floating dog pic

This is the one we actually want you to make and post on our platform. Floating dog or dog balloon pictures have been super popular for a while. We don’t want you to get balloons and try to see how many it will take to get him to fly, this is easier and the end result is super cute. Your dog will look like he floated to the ceiling and got stuck there. You can look at how this trend started here. All you have to do is get your dog tired enough to want to fall asleep on the floor or a similar surface, help him out if he doesn’t usually sleep on his back, or just try to catch the moment when he rolls over, take a picture of this moment and then flip that photo. Share your floating dog photo with the world, now is the time when everyone needs a bit more laughter in their lives.

The head tilt

The head tilt_cute dog

Play a high pitched noise to your dog, you must have done this many times after discovering how most dogs react to certain sounds. The head tilt is a favorite among dog owners and dog lovers. You just need to play a sound that makes your dog go “Hmm?”, and get a couple photos of the cute head tilt, then share it with the world.

Wet dogs

Wet dog

This might not be a good choice for everyone, but if you have the space, and the weather is nice enough, you could pull it off. Give your dog a bath, if he is a fan of baths. And then get your camera. You can make some funny shots of your dog shaking the water off, rolling on a towel, or just being super cute while wet. Be sure to get them all nice and dry after, so they don’t catch a cold, also to save your furniture from being wet, they will want to roll on everything.

Zoom in on those details

dog is hiding

Taking pictures of the favorite parts of your dogs can create some magical results. Those floppy ears, the crossed lady-like paws, the puppy eyes, the freckled belly. Get your camera and zoom in on these favorite parts. These photos can wake up different emotions in many dog lovers and they will be great memories for you.

Food on the nose

Food on the nose mops

Get some peanut butter, some yogurt or something else that your dog loves to eat and just put some of it on their nose. Take some pictures of them trying to lick the food off. You will get super funny photos, your dog will have fun and enjoy this game you created for them. If your dog is super smart and knows a lot of tricks, you can put a treat on their nose and get them to wait before eating them, you can get some nice pictures of the treat just sitting there while your favorite pet is being a good boy or girl.

There are many ways to have fun inside, and if you have fun, your dogs will too! You don’t have to try to do all of these photos at once, pick your favorite and go for it. Maybe your dogs won’t want to cooperate, so give them a break, try something else, motivate them with treats. Maybe it is just not the day for photos, wait a couple more, and try again. In the meantime, keep working with your dog, now is the time to make your bond stronger, to do some training and share some love.

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