Dogs usually attack people in motion, runners and bikers, usually because of the hunting instinct that is aroused in them by the motion itself. However not every dog will have the urge to chase and bite a person that is moving quickly. Dogs that are prone to such reactions are usually with no owner, or if they have one, they lack socializing.

In case a runner is chased by a dog, and the runner keeps running in the same pace, a dog will think himself a winner. This way, next time this happens, a dog will become more confident and it might even attack a person.

If you have to deal with an aggressive dog, there is one thing to remember: stay calm! Do not get overwhelmed by the feelings of fear or anxiety, do not yell or kick the dog.  A dog which is aggressive wants you to be anxious before it attacks you, but should you stay calm, they will slow down and eventually give up on the attack.

Also avoid eye contact with an aggressive dog. Stand still and use peripheral sight to keep an eye on the dog. The moment it sees you are calm and not reacting to provocation it will give up.

However, this does not always have to be the case and sometimes it might happen that the dog does attack which is why it is important to know how to react.

If you have enough time, and happen to be holding a jumper or any long-sleeved shirt, stretch out the sleeve only, this will give the dog a chance to grab the sleeve while you will have enough time to move to a safer place. It is convenient to have an extra piece of clothing wrapped around your waist which could help you in such situations. Be as it may, you must protect your face, chest and throat, while you should have your fists ready all the time in order to protect your fingers.

The “least painful place to be bitten’’ are the shin of the leg or the forearm, and should you happen to be bitten, resist the natural urge to withdraw as it will make you injury even worse. All you need to do is make some effort to get up and pull the dog up as well and it will let you go.

What you need to bear in mind is the fact that dogs are not naturally inclined towards biting people unless they feel threat to themselves, their pack or territory. Unfortunately due to a large number of irresponsible owners this problem is not easy to be solved. The only thing we can do is equip ourselves with knowledge in order to prevent the situations like these from getting worse.

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