Even though there are no scientific evidence that dogs can sense their owner’s pregnancy, it is very likely they will feel the difference in the behaviour, mood and the general altered state of their human friends. Experts say that women’s odour changes during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, and having in mind that the sense of smell in dogs is a lot more developed than ours, dogs have the ability to sense those changes. Hormones not only change the odour of a woman but also bring changes in her emotions and reactions, and dogs, being good in reading body language and visual stimuli, reacts according the information we send out.

Pregnant women should be patient and slowly adjust their pet to the arrival of the new family member. If they have friends with babies, they can use them to borrow diapers or pieces of clothing that are no longer necessary so as to start introducing new odours to their dog. It is also recommended to record the sound of baby crying and thus prepare their dog.

It is completely natural that women want to pay more attention to their pregnancy during this period but they should also have some spare time left to play with their dog. If the dog feels neglected it will develop rather unusual kind of behaviour such as anxiety or attracting attention in an inappropriate way.

After all, both the pregnant women and her dog will benefit from a mutual walk in a park or taking a picnic in nature.

If your dog is well-mannered even before the arrival of the baby, then it will be easier for it to remain the same after the very arrival itself.

Unless the baby is diagnosed with some inborn respiratory disorder or allergies, there is no need to remove the dog from your home. Growing up with a dog will help develop a healthy relationship between the child and other animals, children and nature in general.

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