When an owner decides upon traveling with their dog, they need to know all about the necessary documents and equipment they must have by their side, to make the trip as safe as possible.

The most important equipment part is the dog transporter. They are made of a solid plastic and canvas fabric for smaller sized dogs as well. It has to be comfortable and spacious enough for your dog. It must also have a proper ventilation and air flow. You can put your dog’s blanket inside to make it more comfortable. Your dog shouldn’t be fed during the car ride as it might get sick very easily which will result in vomiting.

If you are traveling by car, it is recommended you make shorter breaks during the ride, so your dog is able to move around and urinate. Should you be traveling by bus or train, you must familiarize yourself with all the necessary information regarding traveling conditions for your pet. The rail transport of Serbia allows pets in their transporters only. Dogs that are no more than 9 inches in height are allowed to travel with their owner inside the carriage, whereas the owner must hold the transporter in their lap. Letting the dog outside of its transporter during the ride is not allowed. There are no extra fees for the dog provided that the owner is present. Should the dog be more than 9 inches of height, it must travel in the cargo area.

Flying by plane implies different rules. A dog weighing between 11 to 15 lbs and is not more than 9 inches of height is allowed to travel with the owner inside the passengers’ cabin. It must be inside the transporter, below the passenger’s seat. If the dog’s weight and height are larger than the above mentioned, it must be put in the cargo department of the airplane. Taking your pets outside the transporters is not allowed during the very flight.

You will need certain documents for your pet in order to make the journey as safe as possible. If you are traveling inside the country, a simple approval from your veterinarian will be enough. A dog must be vaccinated regularly and microchipped as well.  An approval is issued by any veterinarian service and it must be done at least 48 hours before the very trip.

If you are traveling outside the Serbian borders this procedure might be slightly more complicated.  Your pet must be properly vaccinated and marked. Based on this information, your vet will issue a health approval confirmation as well as the dog’s passport. Another important document is the certificate of approval to travel abroad.  It is issued by the Veterinarian services of Serbia based upon the previous information.  The Certificate is valid for 4 months starting from the date of the last vaccination or until the end of the vaccination deadline should that period be less than 4 months.

If you are traveling in the European Union one more document will be needed. It is a confirmation about the level of titer of specific antibodies against the rabies done by the FVN test. This is issued only by a laboratory authorized by the EU. In Serbia they are located in Novi Sad, in Paster’s Center. There must be a gap of one month between the last vaccination and the new blood test and titre level analysis.

Before visiting a foreign country it is recommended to visit the country’s Embassy and get proper information regarding traveling and treatment of pets inside that country. Conditions might be different from one country to another

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