Your pets need attention and they need, just like you, a daily dose of fun. In addition to those that you can buy in pet shops, there are also dog toys that you can make yourself! The first rule is that toys should allow dogs to exercise their jaw and in this way, they will surplus the energy, but also have fun.

One of the most popular “do-it-yourself” dog toys is a ball made of old socks. You could simply tie or stuff a few old torn socks, and your dog will get a new toy.  Also, socks can be used for the so-called “stripes” toy. You can cut a few socks to stripes and then knot the top of the stripes together.

To make dog toys, you can also use other cloths instead of stockings as well, it is only important to remove any plastic or metal parts such as drikers or buttons from the fabric, and to extract wool or sponge, if any.

A very interesting “home made” toy for our barking frends is a “hidden ball”. Wrap the tennis ball in fabric, and tie the roller with a ribbon. Cut the rest of the fabric into stripes, braid the stripes and knot the edges.

Speaking of strips, you can also cut old t-shirts into stripes, and they braid them. Knot the endges of the braids and the toy is good to go!

Also, you can cut an old tensile ball and inside the slip put some dog kibble. The sense of smell of dogs is a lot stronger than ours, so this will make them “dig in” to reach the food grains. The ball will, of course, slip and roll and run, so the dog will, that way, spend a considerable amount of energy!

As you can see, it is not necessary spend too much money for your pet to to remain vital, and above all, happy. The daily dosis of fun and games needed can be satisfied with some of the toys you can make. Leave it up to your imagination, and just make it jingle or rustle, as those are the first things that will make a dog “explore”.

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