Plush, rag, floating, rolling, jumping, or glow-in-the-dark – it doesn’t matter which one it is, as long as it’s made only for your dog. Toys are essential for dogs, so they can exercise their jaw muscles, release excess energy and have fun. They are available at every pet shop and they differ in dimensions, materials, looks. They are adapted to the needs of different dog breeds.

Dogs that have more toys are less often bored. Toys improve the dog’s behaviour, the dog uses more energy when playing with them, and you can also play together. So, toys also play a role in establishing a good relationship with the dog. If a dog grows to like one of the toys, there’s a better chance of training it easier.

It’s essential to provide dogs with toys made exclusively for them, while taking into account the size and strength of the dog. Namely, if a toy is too small or too soft, there is a risk of swallowing the toy or its parts. It’s also useful to buy the dog a rope toy, given that dogs clean their teeth with those toys while playing at the same time.

Teach dogs which toys belong to them and be consistent at it, as they will be confused if today you give them a ball of old, worn out socks to play with, but tomorrow you don’t allow them to play with new ones! If you also have a child, the child’s toys will be a big mystery for your dog and it will surely decide to investigate the toys if it doesn’t know it’s not allowed to.

One of the toys fun for both you and your dog is a frisbee. It’s especially good for running. Balls are great to play with, too. You can throw the ball and the dog will retrieve it, or you can throw it in the water so the dog jumps after it, or something of this kind. The ball makes a great toy, as dogs use a lot of energy playing with it and exercising. Running for a ball keeps the dog active.Pets also like toys with ragged ends. All dogs like scruffy things like that, especially puppies. Watch out for the rope parts that the dogs bit off, as they could swallow them. At pet shops, you can find toys with ropes, which are excellent for playing fetch, as well as chew toys that strengthen their gums. You can also put treats that the dog’s supposed to find in “treat toys“, which make playtime even more fun.

Therefore, necessary, and, most importantly – healthy: dog toys!

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