In America, 55 million people share their home with a barking friend, and 5 million MORE enjoy the company of one or more cats! This is no coincidence, as it’s been proven many times that dogs have a positive impact on our health and have „healing powers“ to help seniors. Living with dogs offers many health benefits – they reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and prevent depression and anxiety. Furthermore, working out with a dog is an ideal way for the elderly people to stay in good shape, too!

When it comes to the list of IDEAL DOG FRIENDS for seniors, it comes down to the fact that seniors should choose dogs that don’t require too much exercise, sports and physical activity and, of course, those that are not too demanding in terms of bathing and care!

That’s why at the top of the list we have – the poodle! Poodles have been popular for decades, especially with the elderly, because they are very easy to train and have a lively sense of humor – they laugh with you, not at you. They are also relatively clean, they don’t shed much and they’re fairly low-maintenance dogs, as long as you groom them regularly.

The French Bulldog is more than a good choice for the elderly, especially if it can be with you at all times. Although they’re not famous for their athletic abilities and they’re not very used to high temperatures, if you keep them in shape and groom them regularly, they make wonderful walking companions. It will take some time to get used to sharing your bed with them, because this breed is known for its snoring. However, in the eyes and hearts of their owners, this is just another thing that makes these dogs irresistible.

If you would like a dog that sheds the least, get a small short-haired pet, the Maltese. What’s great about them is that they’re not only low-maintenance, but they were bred to be loyal companions and keep their owners company.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the favourite puppy-like dog, devoted and adaptable. This small dog is usually the happiest when it snuggles with the owner. The breed normally weighs between 5 and 9 kilograms, and they are very easy to handle and train. When a grandma or a grandpa lies down to have a rest, this little one will gladly curl up next to them and take a nap.

It’s important to know that the breed itself doesn’t determine whether a dog is suitable for someone, because each dog is unique, has its own personality and needs! Think about your habits, responsibilities, and your lifestyle, and then choose a pet for your days as a senior!

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