People need ages to mature, while dogs do it practically overnight. Sexual maturity is an important part of this process and it is something every responsible dog owner should understand well.

Sexual maturity in puppies usually occurs between their sixth and ninth month, although some bigger breeds need a lot more time. When it comes to dogs, sexual maturity occurs before the puppy is fully grown which can cause danger to females, so it is recommended to wait for the first heat cycle to pass before the very breeding itself.

Sexual maturity of the dog depends upon the dog’s size, as smaller dogs tend to mature a lot earlier than the bigger ones. The differences between the dogs during the mating time are the hormonal changes which can alter their behaviour. Those changes differ in males and females.

The females have their heat cycle twice a year, during the autumn season turning into winter, and spring turning into summer. It is when the female dog’s sexual organ swells and develops a dark, bloody vaginal discharge with a specific odour, making it easy for males to sense it even at a three-mile distance. The female is then prone to urinating and licking its sexual organ more often. The ovulation occurs in the second phase when the discharge is brighter and less noticeable, making the dog ready for mating. The male dogs are then prone to jumping on all sorts of different objects and are able to sense a female at three-mile distance.

Depending on their characters, a male and female dog will show their affection towards each other in various ways. First they will play and sniff each other and finally a female will let a male dog jump her.

During the mating itself, they can be stuck between 10 to 30 minutes and it is essential that both of the owners are present should some injury occur. Dogs should never be separated by force. Chances a female dog will get pregnant are 85%.

If you do not intend to breed your dog, you should have it spayed or neutered. This eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancy of your dog as well as some potential health issues.

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