Bobtail is kept as a pet in many home thanks to its numerous positive features. A walk of a bear, nice hair, fine temperament and a special voice- these are just a few of many other features of this breed, which is considered to be a shepherd and a guardian one, originating from Great Britain. Their nickname is “the nanny dog”.

The history of this breed is very interesting. Some examples of this breed were painted by Gainsborough in 1771. Their own club was founded in 1888 and their standard has significantly changed since then. Throughout the past it was used as a cattledog and protector of sheep. In the early 18th century cattle dogs were exempt from taxes and their tails were cut short as a sign of recognition. That is exactly how they got their name “bobtail”, meaning “no tail”.

The Bobtail Shepherd is distinguished by its long hair, special way of walking and a silhouette which resembles the one of a bear. Its body and hind legs are grey, while its head, neck, forelegs and stomach are white. Its hair is thick and covers its eyes, which is why it is advisable to tie its hair up on top of its head so that the dog is able to see. A Bobtail’s bark is easily recognized – it is a strong bark varying from swift to piercing tones.


It is a dog of an exceptionally calm, balanced and even phlegmatic character. It is aware of its own strength and very benevolent towards smaller dogs. On the other hand, it is a fearless fighter and a great protector ready to fight until death in order to protect the owner or its property. Under no circumstances does he tolerate being in a subordinate position or being humiliated.

This breed is recommended to inexperienced owners and those thinking about having a pet for the first time. However, if you decide to have a Bobtail as your best friend, keep in mind that everyday physical activity is necessary, whether it is a moderate and long walk or fierce running. It is recommended that these dogs have access to their house because they enjoy being a member of a community.

Regarding its care, brushing and combing is obligatory every other day, otherwise the hair might become tangled and filled with dirt.

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